Tenax 3D-XL Triplanar Geogrid - 13.1' x 164' Roll



TENAX 3D Geogrid XL is manufactured from a unique extrusion technique resulting in a perforated polypropylene sheet that is specifically shaped to create a triplanar reinforcing structure. This unique extrusion process produces a large concave shaped rib to better trap aggregate materials by restricting the horizontal movement of stone particles and preventing displacement. Higher prole ribs and junctions improve interlock and stress distribution, thereby reducing rutting and aggregate base thickness.

The dimensions of the 3D GRID XL geogrids are significant in all three main directions. The particularly thick, concave longitudinal rib section, combined with the 60 x 55 mm aperture size of the geogrid, allows optimum interaction with coarse granular materials.

Product Specifics

  • Model: 3D-XL-13X164
  • Series: Tenax 3D Geogrid
  • Size: 13.1' x 164'
  • Square Feet / Roll: 2,148

Tenax 3d tripalinar geogrid

Wheel loads on a road are distributed along a channelized geometry (longitudinal direction) and can be analyzed considering plain strain conditions. The state of stress is directed mostly in vertical and transversal lateral direction. TENAX 3D GRID XL has been tested in cooperation with the Transport Science Department of the University of Tennessee: an extensive campaign was carried out using the APA (Asphalt Pavement Analyzer), a specific apparatus to assess the performance of road pavements.

The test confirmed that TENAX 3D GRID XL has a better performance compared to the traditional flat or planar geogrids.


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Ground stabilization and sub-base reinforcement for permanent roads, unpaved and temporary access roads, working platforms, and levee construction

Tenax 3D Grid XL with distributed weight of truck going through pavement

Left Image:
Tenax 3D Grids are three-dimensional geogrids designed to allow lateral confinement of soil, thus reducing the strain due to transverse stresses and as a consequence the development of holes, ruts and settlements.

Right Image:
An extensive test campaign was carried out in collaboration with the Transportation Engineering and Science Department of the University of Tennessee (USA) using APA (Asphalt Pavement Analyzer), a specific tool to assess the performance of road pavements.
Its results confirm that 3D Grid geogrids provide better performance than traditional geogrids.


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