Thick Plastic Liner



Our Thick Plastic Liner is a commercial grade HDPE plastic that provides a durable, smooth, and puncture resistant lining that can be used in a variety of applications. The plastic ranges in thickness options from 30 mil to 100 mil and in various depth options.

The thick plastic liner is non-biodegradable, waterproof, and will not rot or mildew. It has a 100 year material lifespan when not installed in direct sunlight. It can easily be cut with a standard utility knife to best fit your project needs. Made in America.

Material Thickness:
30 mil = 1/32”
40 mil = 3/64”
60 mil = 1/16”
80 mil = 5/64”
100 mil = 3/32”

Please Note: The widest rolls that we offer in HDPE are 60” (5ft).

We are also unable to provide custom roll lengths on orders less than 50 rolls.


We also offer rigid HDPE in 48” x 96” sheets in both black and white colors.

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Product Specifics

  • Material: High Density Polyethylene
  • Texture: Smooth
  • Size: Various
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HDPE Plastic

  • Waterproof
  • Commercial Grade
  • UV Resistant
  • Non-Biodegradable
  • Will Not Rot or Mildew
  • Resistant to Rodent and Insect Damage
  • 100 Year Material Lifespan
  • Made in the USA

All of our plastics are professional-grade and are designed for use in both residential & commercial applications. Our plastics are designed for years of continuous use in the designated application.

Connecting HDPE Pieces

There are two ways to connect multiple pieces of HDPE together. One method is to overlap the HDPE and use our double sided seam tape to connect the two pieces. The other method is to butt the ends together and use our 17 mil single sided seam tape to create a solid connection.


Overlap Method
(for underground installations)

The overlap method is best used when connecting two pieces of HDPE in a buried application. Due to the overlap, a ridge is exposed which is not ideal when installed in exposed vertical or flat installations in high traffic areas as there is a possibility of an object catching on the ridge and pulling the two pieces apart.

In a below ground installation, the large overlap area provides a more water resistant connection as well as enhanced protection against tree and plant root intrusion.

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End to End Method
(for exposed installations)

When installing HDPE on a wall, floor or anywhere that is exposed, the end to end method provides a secure connection and does not leave any ridges exposed to potential catching by a person or object.

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Thickness comparison

The below is a thickness comparison of the material. HDPE plastic thickness is measured in "mils" which is "thousands of an inch".

Why So Many Applications Depend On HDPE

This article will go over some of the excellent properties found in HDPE plastic. Consumers and manufacturers, alike, have turned to HDPE for their needs. Milk jugs to fencing for livestock, HDPE has the answer.

HDPE Qualities

HDPE has become the leading plastic used in many applications including the farming industry. Applications used in farming include irrigation drip tape, nursery pots, soil-fumigation film, silage bags, and soil coverage. Soil coverage ranges from plastic mulch film, polytunnels or high or low tunnels, and plastic greenhouses. HDPE's amazing properties have convinced growers and farmers, alike, to use this product over other plastics. HDPE is affordable, flexible, offers outstanding strength, and will last a long time. HDPE is available in different thicknesses and can be altered without additional costs or stress. Another excellent feature, it will prevent the loss of water.

Because of HDPE's UV stabilizers, the soil will remain cooler, prevent the invasion of insects, and block the process of photosynthesis leading to the growth of weeds.

Plastic storage bins

Plastic Containers


HDPE solid-wall pipes are preferred over other products used in the agricultural world due to effortless installation, cost efficiency, and greater performance. It's important to farmers to have a product that is lightweight, not difficult to work with, and comes in a wide range of sizes. These pipes are corrosion-resistant, can withstand sodium, especially salt water, won't leak, are tough, flexible, and resist impact.


Farmers or ranchers with livestock have chosen HDPE recycled plastic boards for easy installation, durability, and weatherproof enclosures for horses, cattle, and hogs. HDPE boards have several advantages including long-lasting qualities, easy to clean, and corrosion-proof. They will not break or shatter on impact, resist rot, rust, and corrosion from moisture, and are easy to clean using a hose.

In Mining

During mining operations, geomembranes help to keep groundwater clean as well as the ecological environment. Geomembranes are liners that are used along with non-woven geotextiles as a waterproof base to separate underground waste from the pollution that is created. It's important to know that HDPE products offer low absorption, resistance to chemicals, and UV protection for reliable control of hazardous waste. If hazardous waste is not properly contained, surrounding ecosystems and lives can be put in jeopardy.

As quality is critical, make sure your supplier is compliant with Safety Specifications. For this reason, you can depend on HDPE sheets for safety and control of hazardous chemicals at high temperatures. As HDPE sheets are lightweight, the cost of manpower and fuel for transportation will be less. Keep that in mind if you are responsible for purchasing decisions.


HDPE is used along with construction products such as plumbing, pipes, electrical boxes, and telephone ducts. HDPE is in place for future projects including roads, highways, commercial buildings, urban transportation, and hydropower. HDPE is also used around the world for green construction because it's made of recycled materials that are 100% recyclable and approved for use in schools and healthcare establishments.


Because green materials are sustainable, you will be closer to achieving Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification and these materials will provide you with lower maintenance costs

Chopping Garlic on Board

Chopping Garlic on Cutting Board

LEED or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design is the best-known green building system in the entire world. It's available for just about all projects such as new construction, interior fit-out operations, and maintenance. LEED provides a structure that project teams can use to create a healthy, cost-saving, efficient green building. Note - a LEED certification is recognized, globally. It's the symbol of sustainability and achievement. Make sure your supplier conforms to the safety specifications.

HDPE sheets will control harmful chemicals and the higher melting point will result in the unlikelihood of damage or harmful chemicals being released at higher temperatures. As mentioned earlier, HDPE is lighter than other materials in their class, making them less expensive when it comes to manpower or fuel consumption.

Sewage Pipe Install

Plastic Sewage Pipes

The Automotive Industry

The automotive sector is one of the most competitive industries anywhere and HDPE is used all the time. HDPE is also used in aeronautical, nautical, and rail transportation. This is because it's lighter than other plastics decreasing the weight of a vehicle up to 70%. On top of that, it will decrease emissions and fuel consumption significantly. Also, HDPE is waterproof and resistant to other climate conditions. The numbers show that every 10% reduction in weight results in a 5% to 7% reduction in the use of fuel.

HDPE is also used for other vehicle components such as fuel tanks, batteries, interior linings, seats, bumpers, trims, and storage compartments.

• The Advantage Of Using HDPE In Vehicles vs Metals And Other Materials
• Lower weight means lower fuel consumption.
• Being faster and simpler is a saving for manufacturers.
• HDPE parts can be repaired faster, easier, and less expensive by manual welding.
• Shows less wear and tear.
• A reduction in the emission of pollutants.
• HDPE will create added shapes and colors expected by drivers and manufacturers.


Outside of packaging for food and beverages, HDPE packaging is made for personal care and pharmaceuticals. Personal care products cover everything from toothpaste, deodorants, cotton swabs, lotions, razors, etc. These products are mostly used by women and younger generations.

Approximately 30% of the material used for packaging comes from HDPE, making it the leading plastic for rigid packaging. Standard products used for packaging include bags, bottles, films, containers, and closures.

The packaging industry more than likely uses more HDPE than other industries. Overall, the packaging industry is expected to reach 31.1 of packaging production, globally. Due to the increase in consumer goods, the packaging industry is growing in leaps and bounds as well as the consumption of raw materials including HDPE.

For Home Consumption

More and more home consumers are using HDPE products for their strength, and resistance to many elements such as mold, mildew, chemicals, and all items are recyclable! HDPE has become a trusted material used by manufacturers, industries, and home consumers. If you are just discovering this amazing plastic, you will be able to identify it from other plastics. Look on the container for a triangle shaped by arrows with a number in the center. Usually, the number 2 but not necessarily. If it's a different number, worry not. The FDA approves many products and assigns various numbers.

Kid's Toys

Plastic Kid's Toys

A List Of HDPE Products Includes

• Food trays
• Cutting boards
• Shampoo and condition bottles
• Toothpaste and health care products
• Plastic lumber
• Playground equipment
• Pet and children's toys
• Fences for enclosures
• Containers for detergent and fabric softeners
• Outdoor furniture including lawn chairs and tables
• Trash bins
• Garbage bags
• Automotive trimming