Thick Black Plastic Sheeting For Gardens



Our Thick Black Plastic Sheeting For Gardens is a HDPE plastic roll that can be used to block roots or weeds in commercial or residential applications. These rolls come in various thicknesses rangingin from 30 mil to 100 mil (a mil is a 1/1000th of an inch). These rolls are waterproof, heavy duty puncture and UV resistant and are non-biodegradable.

This product can be used horizontally or vertically, and is resistant to insect and rodent damage. It is made in the USA and if buried, has an estimated 100 year material lifespan.


Please Note: The widest rolls that we offer in HDPE are 60” (5ft).

We are also unable to provide custom roll lengths on orders less than 50 rolls.


We also offer rigid HDPE in 48” x 96” sheets in both black and white colors.

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Product Specifics

  • Material: High Density Polyethylene
  • Texture: Smooth
  • Size: Various
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HDPE Plastic

  • Waterproof
  • Commercial Grade
  • UV Resistant
  • Non-Biodegradable
  • Will Not Rot or Mildew
  • Resistant to Rodent and Insect Damage
  • 100 Year Material Lifespan
  • Made in the USA

All of our plastics are professional-grade and are designed for use in both residential & commercial applications. Our plastics are designed for years of continuous use in the designated application.

Connecting HDPE Pieces

There are two ways to connect multiple pieces of HDPE together. One method is to overlap the HDPE and use our double sided seam tape to connect the two pieces. The other method is to butt the ends together and use our 17 mil single sided seam tape to create a solid connection.


Overlap Method
(for underground installations)

The overlap method is best used when connecting two pieces of HDPE in a buried application. Due to the overlap, a ridge is exposed which is not ideal when installed in exposed vertical or flat installations in high traffic areas as there is a possibility of an object catching on the ridge and pulling the two pieces apart.

In a below ground installation, the large overlap area provides a more water resistant connection as well as enhanced protection against tree and plant root intrusion.

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End to End Method
(for exposed installations)

When installing HDPE on a wall, floor or anywhere that is exposed, the end to end method provides a secure connection and does not leave any ridges exposed to potential catching by a person or object.

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Thickness comparison

The below is a thickness comparison of the material. HDPE plastic thickness is measured in "mils" which is "thousands of an inch".

Prevent Weeds In Gardens By Using HDPE Sheets

As a gardener, you know weeds will fight your plants for sunlight, nutrients, and water resulting in poor growth, and in some cases, your plants will just die off. Weeds are a disaster looking to happen in gardens and must be brought under control.

For many years, weeds have been treated in different ways including the use of herbicides, gardeners pulling weeds out of the ground by hand, and mulching. Over the years, these methods have failed and it's time to reach out and discover a more effective, long-lasting solution known as HDPE sheets.

HDPE or high-density polyethylene will block weeds in gardens while protecting your plants. In this article, we will help you understand the value of using HDPE sheets, their benefits, and how to install and use them to protect your garden.

About HDPE Sheets

HDPE is a plastic made from high-density polyethylene which is long-lasting, strong, adaptable, and resistant to many elements including chemicals, and UV radiation, Due to their excellent properties, these sheets have become popular in many industries including agriculture for protecting crops. HDPE sheets work to prevent weeds from entering the soil and stealing nutrients from your plants.

Nicely landscaped area

Landscaped Yard

The Benefits Of Using HDPE Sheets

Keeps Down Weeds Effectively:
Physical Barrier - HDPE forms a barrier that prevents weeds from growing through the soil surface and cuts back on non-stop weeding.

Long-Lasting - These sheets will keep weeds down for a long time, unlike organic mulch which breaks down over time.

The Environmental Benefits:
Cuts Back On Chemicals – By using HDPE sheets, you can significantly cut back on using harmful herbicides and enjoy a healthier garden ecosystem.

Conserve Water: HDPE sheets will retain water by cutting back on evaporation. In turn, you will use water more efficiently.

Save On Costs: HDPE sheets will last for several years. and save on weed control for quite some time.

Less Maintenance: After installing HDPE sheets, you will spend less time on maintenance and lower the cost of labor.

Adaptability: HDPE is adaptable for use in different kinds of gardens including vegetable gardens, flower beds, and throughout landscaping.

Customized Sheets: These sheets can be cut and shaped for different garden needs and layouts.

How To Control Weeds Using HDPE Sheets

To start with, you must install the sheets correctly for the best results:

Planning The Site: 
Measure The Area – Choose the garden size you want to install the sheets in and then calculate the amount of material needed.

Choose the Correct Thickness – HDPE sheets come in a range of thicknesses from 0.5mm to 2mm. The thicker the sheets, the more durable they will be to suppress weeds.

Prepare The Site: Remove all debris, rocks, and weeds from the area where the HDPE sheets will be installed.

Cut the sheets using a utility knife or scissors to the size and shape needed. Make sure to leave enough \material to overlap at the edges to prevent weeds from getting through.

Lay the sheets over the soil, ensuring they are flat without any wrinkles. Overlap the edges by at least 6 inches for complete coverage.

Secure the sheets in place using staples, stakes, or various heavy objects like rocks to prevent shifting or lifting by water or wind. To improve the appearance while keeping down weeds, cover the HDPE sheets with a layer of organic mulch such as wood, compost, straw, or chips. The mulch will protect the sheets from UV exposure.

Pulling Weeds

Pulling Out Weeds

Plant Using HDPE Sheets:

Use a sharp knife to cut X-shaped slits in the fabric to place your plants.

Dig holes through the slits in the fabric and place your plants in the holes. Make sure the plants are securely in place and the hole around them is firm.


Using HDPE sheets to maintain a healthy garden by controlling weeds is pretty simple. Here is some good advice:

Inspect regularly for any signs of damage to the sheets like holes or tears and repair as quickly as possible.

Reinforce any loose edges or overlaps so the sheets will remain effective.

Additional Weed Control:
Once in a while, weeds will grow in the holes or around the edges of the fabric. Manually remove the weeds to keep your garden clean and free of weeds.

Gardener Working in Garden

Pulling Weeds in Garden

Replace Mulch: Over time, the organic mulch will decompose and have to be replaced. When needed, add fresh mulch to keep an attractive working weed barrier.

Regular Watering: Use soaker hoses or drip irrigation to water your plants directly at the roots and improve healthy growth.

Apply fertilizer as needed to guarantee your plants will receive needed nutrients You can apply liquid fertilizers directly to the soil through the planting holes.

Different Applications:
Vegetable Gardens – Use HDPE sheets to cover the soil between the rows of crops to reduce weed competition and preserve water.

Raised Beds - You need to line the bottom of the raised beds with HDPE sheets to prevent weeds from growing through the soil

Flower Beds And Landscaping: Install HDPE sheets in perennial gardens around plants to guarantee a weed-free garden and improve its appearance.

For ornamental gardens, place HDPE sheets under ornamental gravel or decorative rocks to keep weeds down and add a nicer look to the garden.

Public And Commercial Areas: Parks And Public Gardens - Use HDPE sheets in these places to cut down on costs and create an attractive landscape.

Commercial Projects – Use HDPE sheets in commercial landscaping projects to provide a weed-free, long-lasting area requiring very little maintenance.

The Cost Using HDPE Sheets:

The cost of using HDPE sheets for weed control will depend on various factors:

The Material

The thicker the sheets are, the more expensive they will be. Thicker sheets offer greater durability and effectiveness but are more expensive.

The Sheet Size

Large sheets or sheets on rolls might be available in bulk. Professional installation will be more expensive but the installation will be worth it.

DIY installation will save on costs but will be time-consuming and require a great deal of work. DIY should only come into play if you have the experience to take care of the installation. Proper installation will dictate if the sheets will give you the results you need to control weeds.

New Garden Beds

Newly Planted Plants in Raised Bed

Other Costs:

The cost for staples, stakes, or other devices that need to be added to the cost.

Using organic mulch to cover the HDPE sheets will possibly add to the cost. Keep in mind, that organic mulch will also add a nicer look to the barrier.

Hand Full of Weeds

Gardener with Weed

In Conclusion

HDPE sheets are excellent choices for weed control. These sheets are long-lasting, and inexpensive while creating a healthy environment for your plants. HDPE sheets are adaptable and environmentally friendly while offering gardeners a great solution for controlling weeds for a long time. Applying proper installation and maintenance will give you a beautiful, thriving garden with little effort on your part and excellent results.

Whether your project includes flower beds, vegetable gardens, or commercial landscaping, HDPE sheets are a reliable, innovative approach for managing the growth of weeds and enhancing the functional aspects and incredible appeal of your gardens and outdoor areas.