Polypropylene Landscape Fabric



Constructed of needle-punched nonwoven geotextile and durable woven fabric the polypropylene landscape fabric is the perfect solution for those challenging weed control applications.

As a ground cover fabric, this is perfect for the most demanding of weed control situations. Engineered with the durability of woven fabric and the water drainage capacity of a nonwoven.

This product is offered in multiple roll widths to match the needs of your project.  

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All of our geotextile fabrics are professional-grade and are designed for use in both residential & commercial applications. Our fabrics are designed for years of continuous use in the designated application.

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Polypropylene Fabric at Jobsite

Polypropylene Geotextile Fabric Being Rolled Out

About Polypropylene Landscape Fabric

In most cases, landscape fabric is made of polypropylene though there are some that are made of other materials. Polypropylene product is a kind of plastic that can last a longer period of time than other products, but it can also be damaged. It's great for blocking weeds while still allowing water and nutrients to feed your plants so they can remain healthy. That said, this landscaping fabric is not right for every garden.

The Differences Between Plastic And Fabric

Polypropylene is a plastic but is different from the product known as landscape plastic. During manufacturing, polypropylene fabric is woven to allow tiny gaps between the strands or has small holes poked through during the process. On the other hand, landscape plastic is a sheet of plastic that forms a solid barrier between the soil below and the mulch above. It's excellent for blocking out weeds but will not allow water or nutrients to pass through the soil below.

Note we do offer a plastic film roll if you are looking for a non-permeable barrier.

Landscape Fabric Used in Garden

Geotextile Fabric Being Used as Weed Barrier

Annoying Grassy Weeds

Polypropylene landscape fabric will prevent many weed seeds from germinating in the soil. The fabric will not allow the germinated plants to push up through the soil and compete with your flowers and shrubs. The one exception is grassy weeds. They have small, stiff blades that will find the small holes in the fabric and get through, and will work above ground in your flowerbed. There are other weed seeds that can germinate in the decomposing mulch on top of the fabric. Their roots will penetrate the fabric to get to the soil. The bottom line, landscape fabric cannot stop weeds that want to grow on top of it just below the fabric.

The tiny gaps in polypropylene landscape fabric will allow water and nutrients to pass through into the soil.

Landscape fabric has a great balance between offering long-term protection from weeds while helping your plants flourish.