Plastic Landscape Barrier



The Plastic Landscape Barrier is a high density polyethylene roll that can be used for various landscape applications. It comes in various widths and thicknesses and can be used in horizontal or vertical applications. This product is puncture resistant and will not rot or mildew. It is also resistant to insect or rodent damage.

This durable plastic roll has built in UV inhibitors to help resist the breakdown from UV light. It is non-biodegradable and waterproof as well. The Plastic Landscape Barrier is made in the USA and if not in direct sunlight, has an estimated 100 year material lifespan when buried underground..


Please Note: The widest rolls that we offer in HDPE are 60” (5ft).

We are also unable to provide custom roll lengths on orders less than 50 rolls.


We also offer rigid HDPE in 48” x 96” sheets in both black and white colors.

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Product Specifics

  • Material: High Density Polyethylene
  • Texture: Smooth
  • Size: Various
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HDPE Plastic

  • Waterproof
  • Commercial Grade
  • UV Resistant
  • Non-Biodegradable
  • Will Not Rot or Mildew
  • Resistant to Rodent and Insect Damage
  • 100 Year Material Lifespan
  • Made in the USA

All of our plastics are professional-grade and are designed for use in both residential & commercial applications. Our plastics are designed for years of continuous use in the designated application.

Connecting HDPE Pieces

There are two ways to connect multiple pieces of HDPE together. One method is to overlap the HDPE and use our double sided seam tape to connect the two pieces. The other method is to butt the ends together and use our 17 mil single sided seam tape to create a solid connection.


Overlap Method
(for underground installations)

The overlap method is best used when connecting two pieces of HDPE in a buried application. Due to the overlap, a ridge is exposed which is not ideal when installed in exposed vertical or flat installations in high traffic areas as there is a possibility of an object catching on the ridge and pulling the two pieces apart.

In a below ground installation, the large overlap area provides a more water resistant connection as well as enhanced protection against tree and plant root intrusion.

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End to End Method
(for exposed installations)

When installing HDPE on a wall, floor or anywhere that is exposed, the end to end method provides a secure connection and does not leave any ridges exposed to potential catching by a person or object.

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Thickness comparison

The below is a thickness comparison of the material. HDPE plastic thickness is measured in "mils" which is "thousands of an inch".

What You Need To Know About HDPE Sheets

HDPE sheets are super long lasting, durable, and flexible for many different applications. It has become an important material for many different uses and is still going strong. Due to its makeup, it will outlast many materials including traditional wood. Wood offers a beautiful look but needs a lot of maintenance and various outdoor treatments to last for any length of time. HDPE will go on forever, is recyclable, and dependable in most situations.

If you are not familiar with this material, let's go over its amazing properties and why you should consider it as a part of your business or home life. Over the past years, materials have changed making many items long-lasting, environmentally friendly., and always available. Many industries, companies, and municipalities are jumping onboard to create new products using HDPE plastic. This plastic is a perfect alternative to wood because it will not decay, crack, or mold. HDPE plastic will help you with your next important project. In this article, we will go over the many benefits using HDPE plastic for an excellent outcome.

Plastic outdoor furniture

Orange and White Plastic Furniture

About High-Density Polyethylene

HDPE is the abbreviation for high-density polyethylene. This is a thermoplastic polymer with an excellent high strength-to-density ratio. The density ranges from 930 to 970 kg/m1. HDPE is denser than low-density polyethylene or LDPE and is much stronger making it the perfect material for specific strengths required for some items. In many cases, HDPE is constructed for specific applications. It can be cut and molded very much like wood. HDPE also offers other benefits such as resistant to chemicals or finishes for outdoor uses. HDPE's other advantages include dependability, reliability, and last a very long time for residential, commercial, industrial, and marine-grade uses.

HDPE Popular Uses

HDPE is the perfect material for so many different environments including residential, commercial, industrial, and marinas.

Residential To Commercial

HDPE has shown to be a dependable and reliable material while withstanding all weather conditions. Outdoor furniture, bathroom partitions, outdoor furnishings, playground equipment, outdoor kitchens, various amenities, and outdoor structures. As an example, HDPE is a great material for marine decking with the same great look found in natural wood.. HDPE marine decking offers a natural wood appearance but much less maintenance or waterproofing while remaining strong in all weather conditions. Commercial marinas and docks will benefit from HDPE sheet's amazing benefits.

HDPE plastic stands out from the crowd because it works perfectly in many projects due to its remarkable material. HDPE is the chosen product for commercial and urban amenities, parks and recreational sites as well as golf courses. HDPE can be easily customized for a number of commercial projects making it the chosen option.

HDPE Offers More Than Traditional Wood

We have learned so much about HDPE sheets but many people want to know why it's considered superior to traditional materials such as wood. Anyone who uses wood outside knows it must be treated to prevent infiltration of water, stained and finished to protect it from the elements but HDPE does not.

HDPE will stay in great condition when used outdoors and last a very long time inlike wood. This is why HDEP sheets have become the chosen product for outdoor furniture, marina decking, boat accessories, and the list goes on and on.

HDPE is molded, shaped, and cut for a wide range of applications just like wood. This incredible plastic will hold up to many7 shapes and sizes without ever breaking or becoming damaged. This is not common in most other materials. HDPE will resist corrosion, mildew, mold, and even insect infestation by protecting you and your family from health or safety issues. HDPE is indifferent to acids, solvents, cleaning products, and detergents. Due to its low-maintenance, HDPE is easy to clean just using soap and water.

Black HDPE Pipes

Black Plastic Pipes

Because of its low-maintenance, you will save a lot of time and money using HDPE sheets versus using or treating traditional wood. High=density polyethylene will give you a long-lasting beautiful finish and is slip proof making it a perfect choice for boats and decking. You will have a great range of colors to choose from including red, blue, gray, white, black to dind just what you want. You will be able to design your outdoor area and furniture to your liking.


If nothing else moves you, these sheets are made from recycled material from bottles, milk jugs, plastic bags, and bottle crates making it a plus for the environment. HDPE is a great deal more environmentally friendly than glass, BPA, PVC, cardboard, and metals.

Leaving natural wood in place will save the planet from deforestation and other actions brought on by industries. Also, if your HDPE product has to be replaced due to damage or other reasons, you can recycle it or send it back to the manufacturer for replacement.

Plastic Deck Boards

HDPE Deck Boards

Some Concerns

There are some concerns you need to be aware of when using HDPE sheets. One major concern is the melting point of HDPE. When used in hot elements or industrial applications, HDPE can melt or become warped under stress from very high temperatures. Also, HDPE is not biodegradable or can be turned into compost. All said and done, it's still the best product for creating a barrier for protecting one and all from mold, insects, and other contaminants HDPE is resistant to.