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It’s important to use high-quality landscape fabric that won’t easily rip when installing ground cover weed block material. This fabric is a unique blend of both woven and nonwoven fabric that offers the durability professionals expect along with great drainage capacity.

A professional-grade fabric is going to block the sunlight to the soil below and prevent the germination of undesirable plant seeds.  This fabric when positioned with the woven side facing up shows space markings to better help the installer in aligning planting rows when a lot of plants will be placed.  

The landscape fabric is also available in various roll sizes.

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All of our geotextile fabrics are professional-grade and are designed for use in both residential & commercial applications. Our fabrics are designed for years of continuous use in the designated application.

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Finding The Perfect Landscape Fabric For Your Project

Landscape fabrics are available in a very wide variety of different types and can be applied to suit various site-specific requirements. There are various fabrics that are designed to excel in one or more areas including: protection against insects, control weeds, and temperatures, as well as control sunlight and moisture.

Row covers on plants

Backyard Row Cover Fabric

Frost Blankets

Place the blankets directly over plants and shrubs by creating a layer to trap heat from the ground while still preventing frost. Make sure all sides of the frost blanket are completely sealed off. You can read our valuable information to find out what you will need and peruse our large selection of frost blankets.

About Row Covers

Row covers will increase the temperature of the area under them. It will keep the plants underneath safe from freezing. These covers can be either directly placed over crops or placed over hoops creating a mini housing.

For Weed And Insect Protection

Both insects and weeds are big problems for crops and plants. It's really important you know how to prevent your plants and crops from coming in contact with either of these two issues. Insects carry diseases that will kill your crops before making it to market. Weeds will take needed nutrients from your plants before they ever reach maturity. There are a number of specific ground covers designed to keep these harmful elements away from your plants and crops.

Ground Covers

Ground covers are created to keep down weed growth while bringing water, nutrients, and air to your plants. The covers are placed over the plants to protect them throughout their entire growing process which will save you time and money.

Our Standard Ground Cover is made from material that is rated at 3 oz per square yard and is durable as well as UV resistant. We highly recommend securing the cover with our Fabric Stakes or Fabric Securing Staples.

Weed Control Fabrics

Just like other ground covers, weed control fabrics will keep weeds under control while providing plants with the basics that are required for growth. These fabrics can be used under rocks, organic material, and bark to separate materials from the soil and provide excellent drainage while keeping weeds down.

Landscaped Yard

Landscaped Front Yard

High Quality Landscape Fabric at Farm

Weed Fabric Used at Farm

Ground Covers

Our Standard Ground Covers can be easily placed under mulch or other materials. These covers will suppress weed growth while giving your plants an excellent balance of water, air, and nutrients. This material comes in increments of 22-inches to measure and cut for the exact fit you need.

It can be confusing when you consider how many different ground covers and options are available for you to choose from. We are here to help you out and find the perfect ground cover for your projects both commercially and residentially.