GroundPro GRS Grass Paver - 3' x 30' Roll



GroundPro GRS grass pavers provide a stable surface for driveways, parking lots and walkway areas. Designed with a high compressive strength, these pavers can support traffic ranging from light pedestrian and vehicular traffic to heavy loads such as large trucks and fire engines. Additionally, the rolled design provides a much easier installation when compared to square grass pavers.


This product has been discontinued and is no longer available.

Product Specifics

  • Model: GRS-3X30
  • Series: Grass Pavers
  • Roll Size: 3' x 30'

    (4" overlap connector strip not counted in square footage or roll size)

  • Square Feet / Roll: 90
  • Material Thickness / Cell Depth: 1"
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Recommended uses


  • Golf Cart Paths
  • Parking Stalls
  • Handicap Accessibility
  • Hiking and Recreation Trails

Light Duty (H-10)

  • Parking Lots
  • Roadway Shoulder
  • Overflow Parking

Medium Duty (H-15)

  • Washdown Areas
  • RV Access
  • Service Vehicle Access

Heavy Duty (HS-20)

  • Emergency Lanes
  • Equipment Areas
  • Trailer Overflow

GRS Grass Pavers

Its exceptional compressive strength of 53,451 psf. (empty) and greater than 500,000+ psf. (filled) allow the GroundPro GRS paver system to exceed design truck and HS-20 loading specifications.

GroundPro GRS installation is designed for speed and simplicity. Pre-assembled rolls mean the pavers can be rapidly laid, while the patented “quick connect” system requires no tools or clips to join rows.

Integrated engineering concepts such as bypass rows and offset connections give GroundPro GRS added longevity and strength by decreasing tire impact between sections and more efficient load disbursement.

Made from 100% recycled HDPE plastic, GroundPro GRS paver systems contribute to stormwater management and land use strategies for Green Infrastructure, LEED, and Low Impact Development projects.


    GroundPro GRS features an open-cell framework that is designed to allow rainfall and stormwater runoff to infiltrate ground-level surface(s), collect within the underlying base material, and then evenly permeate into the subgrade beneath.


    GroundPro™ GRS & GRV are flexible permeable pavers used in ground stabilization and protection applications. The system’s uniquely engineered design delivers superior load-rating and torsional resistance while the flexible framework allows rolls to be installed easily. GroundPro’s high compressive strength and permeability make it an ideal eco-friendly alternative to impervious paved surfaces while promoting stormwater infiltration, limiting runoff, preventing soil compaction, and reducing heat island effect.


    • Pre-assembled rolls considerably reduce install time and cost.
    • Rated to far exceed industry loading and durability standards.
    • Greatly lessens need for pipes, detention basins, and storm drains.
    • Efficient handling of vehicle torsional loads and turning stress.


    • GroundPro GRS
              Cut Sheet
    • LEED Credit

    Product Specifications

    • Roll Nominal Dimensions:

    Length: 30’ (9.14 m)

    40” (1.02 m) (includes lateral connection pieces which are not counted as roll square footage)

    1.8’ (0.55 m)

    46.45 lb. (21.07 kg) for GRS

    • Strength: 53,451 psf. (empty)
    • Material: 100% recycled HDPE with UV inhibitors; 100% recyclability
    • Color: Black / Dark Gray
    • Manufacture: Injection molded in the USA


    Installation is designed for speed and simplicity, as palletized product is delivered to the job site in pre-assembled 30′ rolls. No special equipment, tools, or materials are required.

    installation Resources

    • GroundPro GRS Installation Guide


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