Geo Cloth



Our Geo Cloth fabric is used in a wide variety of applications including drainage, separation and stabilization, erosion control, weed control and many more. These fabrics will allow a high waterflow while also keeping sediment separated so that your drain, path, or driveway will last longer and require less maintenance over time.

It is made from 100%  Polypropylene. It is made to resist ultraviolet light deterioration, and is inert to commonly encountered soil chemicals. The fabric will not rot or mildew, is non-biodegradable, and is resistant to damage from insects and rodents.

The non-woven fabrics listed are available from 3oz to 16oz. This number indicates the oz per square yard. For example: a 3oz roll of fabric is 3 oz per square yard. The lower the oz weight of the fabric the higher the flow rate and the heavier the oz weight the stronger the fabric is, but the flow rate goes down as the strength increases.

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Spec Sheet Downloads:

  • 3 oz Spec Sheet >
  • 4 oz Spec Sheet >
  • 6 oz Spec Sheet >
  • 8 oz Spec Sheet >
  • 10 oz Spec Sheet >
  • 12 oz Spec Sheet >
  • 16 oz Spec Sheet >

Do These Fabrics Drain Water?

Most drainage fabrics on the market claim to be permeable with a high water flow rate. Specification sheets show flow rate but it can be difficult to translate the testing numbers into a real world example.

View the video to the right for a demonstration of this fabric passing water.


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