Frost Blanket for Plants



Our Frost Blanket for Plants is a 2.5 ounce spunbound geotextile fabric used to protect plants from cold temperatures. The fabric has an added UV inhibitor to protect it from breakdown in sunlight. The fabric also allows air and water to pass through it. All seams are sewn, not glued, for a higher quality performance.

The Frost Blanket for Plants helps lengthen the harvest time and flowering season by keeping the air warmer underneath it than above it. This fabric is available in various roll sizes.

Product Specifics

  • Material:  Polypropylene
  • Size: Various
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Frost Protection Fabrics

  • Resists UV degradation
  • Allows air, water, and nutrients to pass through the fabric
  • Keeps air below fabric warmer than air outside of it

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Frost blanekts in yard

Frost Blanket for Plants in Winter

Frost Cloth: An Overview

Frost cloth is a fabric that is light enough to allow air to flow and light to penetrate. It's thick enough to hold warmth coming from the soil and will protect your plants from frost. You should always use frost cloth that is specifically designed for covering plants. There are many products made of plastic that are not good choices. They will transmit cold to the leaves of your plants causing a great deal of damage. When applied correctly, frost cloth can protect your sensitive plants from frost and cold even when the temperature drops into the 20s. If needed, you can leave the frost cloth on your plants for an extended period of time to prevent your plants from being harmed. Unlike other materials, this cloth is light so the sun can penetrate through it to warm up the ground.

Some people will cover their plants with sheets, blankets, or towels but these are bad choices. They are way too heavy and can break branches. Sheets, blankets, and towels are very difficult to attach to plants and if they become wet, they will easily send cold to your plants. Also, you must remove the covering every morning when the temperature under the covering hits 40 in some cases that might not happen until noon time. Keep in mind, these makeshift items will not allow light or air to flow through the material causing your plants to overheat.

How To Apply Frost Fabric

  • You must completely drape the fabric over your plants all the way to the ground and allow the cloth to touch the ground to the drip line of the plants.
  • Apply the cloth before dusk to guarantee enough time to capture enough needed heat.
  • Secure the fabric to the ground using heavy objects such as bricks or use frost fabric staples. You want to make sure the cloth forms a seal around the ground and captures the warm air radiating from the soil during the day. Also, bricks or staples will secure the cloth in times of high winds or rain.
  • Do not allow openings in the fabric that will allow warm air to escape or cold air to enter during the night.
Fabric Covering Plants during Frost

Frost Blankets Protecting Plants