Filtration Fabric



Preventing dirt and debris from clogging drains is what this filtration fabric is engineered to do. This geotextile has tiny holes which are large enough to let water easily pass through, but small enough to filter out sand, dirt, and other particles that might threaten to clog drains.

A professional-grade filtration fabric like this can be found in drain tile, wrapped around French drains, in drain fields, sumps, and anywhere else that a separation/filtration layer is required.

Categorized as a nonwoven fabric this needle-punch manufactured product is long-lasting with its polypropylene fibers able to resist UV light deterioration.
Offered in a variety of weights and roll sizes to suit your project.

Different fabric weights and roll sizes available roll sizes and fabric weights are available.

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Spec Sheet Downloads:

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Do These Fabrics Drain Water?

Most drainage fabrics on the market claim to be permeable with a high water flow rate. Specification sheets show flow rate but it can be difficult to translate the testing numbers into a real world example.

View the video to the right for a demonstration of this fabric passing water.


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