Black Gardening Fabric



Landscapers use gardening fabric to prevent unwanted weeds and wildflowers from popping up in garden beds and landscapes. The black gardening fabric here is professional grade and is a blend of woven and nonwoven fabric constructed for good drainage and durability. The fabric is placed on the ground and prevents the sunlight from germinating weed seeds in the applied area.

Another helpful feature for gardeners is on one side of the fabric there are markings to more easily indicated the even spacing of plants. On commercial projects or larger jobs with a lot of plantings, this can be very useful in keeping the planting rows straight.

The black gardening fabric is offered in multiple roll sizes.

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All of our geotextile fabrics are professional-grade and are designed for use in both residential & commercial applications. Our fabrics are designed for years of continuous use in the designated application.

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Landscape Fabric With Rocks Being Put Down

Gardening Fabric Installation

Gardening Fabric: Uses and Advantages

When used correctly, gardening fabric (also known as landscape fabric) is a very effective way to prevent weed growth and keep your garden looking spectacular. It also locks in moisture and will create stability in soil.

What Is Gardening Fabric?

Gardening fabric is a material that works like a physical barrier in the soil. This fabric is made of woven fibers or nonwoven material and comes in rolls. To some people, this fabric is also known as a weed block, weed fabric, or weed barrier. Landscape fabric is known for limiting weed growth by preventing weeds from germinating deep in the soil. In turn, this will reduce your need to use herbicides or weed control chemicals.

Other Advantages Of Gardening Fabric

Fabric offers excellent stabilization or a good level of erosion control in areas that suffer from heavy rain washouts. It works as an excellent barrier beneath hardscaping and will prevent inorganic mulch, like rocks, from sinking into the soil.

When Should You Use Fabric?

Fabric is usually used beneath mulched areas around trees, shrubs, or bushes. Landscape fabric should be laid over soil and then mulch should be layered on top of the fabric.Landscape fabric works really well beneath gravel, rock, or hardscaping. It can also be used beneath flower beds or ground cover to reduce the outbreak of weeds and the need for weed control.

Take Note: Do Not use landscape fabric beneath vegetable gardens or flower beds that offer annuals as it will make frequent replanting very difficult.

Roll of Geotextile Fabric

Roll of Gardening Fabric

Landscape Fabric Installation

Black Geotextile Fabric Being Rolled Out

The Types Of Landscape Fabrics

When looking for landscape fabric, the material matters. While it might seem that it would be a good idea to go with a cheap, plastic weed barrier, you will be better off choosing the right fabric instead.

Here are some types of landscape fabrics you should consider:


Woven is the most popular landscape fabric used. It's made from polypropylene or linen fibers that are woven together to create a durable, semi-permeable material.

This woven landscaping fabric has small holes to allow water and nutrients to get into the earth while still stopping weeds from growing. This woven fabric is the best for weed control around trees and shrubs or in flower beds with plants that won't be changed out too often. Woven fabrics are normally black, green, or a brown natural burlap in color.

The majority of the options offer basic UV or ultraviolet resistance or have been treated to be UV stabilized in order to hold up under the sun.

Nonwoven Fabric

Nonwoven landscape fabrics are created to prevent weed growth in rock or gravel pathways or beds. Nonwoven landscape fabrics are less permeable than woven so they prevent water and nutrients from getting into the soil below.

These fabrics offer excellent stability and will prevent stones from sinking into the soil. The professional-grade version is used beneath stone pavers or other large-scale hardscaping.

Spunbound Fabric

This is a nonwoven fabric made from layers of bonded polyester fibers for incredible durability.  It will not rip or tear easily as it's the most heavy-duty landscaping fabric out there. Spun fabric varies in thickness and is a great choice for different applications.

Thinner varieties of spun fabric are permeable to water and air while also being tough and durable, making it very versatile. This fabric works well as a protective border to prevent pests, insects, and invasive grasses. The thick fabrics are impermeable and tough enough to be used in irrigation, drainage, and retaining wall applications to prevent roots and seepage.

Perforated Fabric

Perforated fabric is, lightweight, cheaper, and created with pre-cut perforations or holes for placing your plants. Perforated landscape fabric will not suffocate roots and is very easy to replace. The fabric is used in garden applications where plants are placed and changed out regularly. This is a great choice for vegetable gardens. Because this fabric is very lightweight and manageable, it should not be used in areas with heavy foot traffic, animal activities, or very large roots.

Weed Barrier Fabric

Geotextile Fabric Used as Weed Barrier