Woven Stabilization Fabric - Heavy-Duty - 200lb - 17.5' x 309' Roll

Product Specifics

  • Model: FAB-WS175309
  • Series: Woven Stabilization  - Heavy-Duty
  • Size: 17.5' x 309'
  • Square Feet / Roll: 5,407
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woven stabilization
200lb fabric

  • Contractor Grade
  • UV Resistant
  • Non-Biodegradable
  • Will Not Rot or Mildew
  • Resistant to Rodent and Insect Damage

All of our geotextile fabrics are professional-grade and are designed for use in both residential & commercial applications. Our fabrics are designed for years of continuous use in the designated application.

FABRIC installation

  • Level and smooth out the subgrade. Remove sharp rocks and other objects that could puncture the fabric during the installation.
  • Unroll and place the woven fabric on the desired area and pull taut. Provide an overlap ranging from 18" - 24" depending on the strength of the subgrade. Secure the fabric with fabric staples, staggering the staples at an approximate rate of 1 staple per 5 feet.   
  • Place at least 4" of base material onto the woven fabric. Do not drive directly on the fabric.


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Other sizes available:

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Fabric Property Test Method Units Minimum Average
Roll Value
Grab Tensile  ASTM D 4632 lbs. 200(890 N)
Grab Elongation ASTM D 4632 lbs. 15
Trap Tear Strength ASTM D 4533 lbs. 75(334 N)
Puncture Strength
ASTM D 4833  lbs. 90(400 N)
CBR Puncture
ASTM D-6241 lbs. 700(3115 N)
Mullen Burst ASTM D 3786 psi 400(2756 kPa)
Permittivity ASTM D 4491  sec-¹ 0.05
Water Flow ASTM D 4491 gpm/ft² 5(203 l/min/sm)
UV Resistance ASTM D 4355 % Strength Retained
After 500 Hours
AOS ASTM D 4751 US Sieve #50(.297 mm)

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