Professional Geotextile Fabrics

At Pro Fabric Supply we are committed to sourcing professional-grade geotextile fabrics from a selection of top-tier U.S. based manufacturers. Top-tier manufacturers are committed to ensuring that their material meets the provided specification by enacting effective quality control practices.

Be Wary of Buying Fabric Without Specifications
When buying geotextile fabric it is essential that you know what you are purchasing. Many websites sell fabric but do not provide specifications. A fabric may be called a "Drainage Fabric" but if you are unable to view the water flow rate specification you really don't know for sure.

We Always DIsplay Specifications for our Fabrics
For each fabric that we sell we provide the specific specifications for that fabric. Feel free to compare our fabrics' specifications to ensure that you are choosing the correct fabric for your project. If you have any questions feel free to give us a call: (800) 520-7731.