Tensar Triax TX7 Geogrid



The Tensar TX7 Triaxial Geogrid is made from punched polypropylene sheets. The triangular shaped design contributes to both mechanically superior stabilization and load transfer through the centralized grid nodes.    

Tensar TX7 is the optimal roadway improvement geogrid, and is often part of the Tensar Spectra system. 

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13.12' x 164' Roll - 2151 Square Feet 


  • Model: TX7
  • Brand: Tensar
  • Size: 13.12' x 164' 
  • Square Feet / Roll: 2151
  • Material:  Punched Polypropylene
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TriAx Brochure

Install Guide

Contractor Brochure

TX7 Spec Sheet

TriAx Case Study
Subgrade Stabilization PA

TriAx Case Study
Lake Belle View Restoration

TriAx Case Study
Lincolnway Cheyenne WY

Triaxial Subgrade Stabilization Brochure 



Tensar has drawn on over 30 years of experience in producing sub-grade reinforcement products before radically re-engineering the geometry of this TriAx flagship geogrid. Triax is based on the most stable and efficient structural forms - Triangles. 

Expanding upon the 2 directional tensile stiffness of the Biaxial Geogrids this product has near isotropic tensile properties through the 360 degrees. The interlocking triangle apertures catch substrate particles and help confine aggregate, this feature along with the isotropic stiffness create a mechanically stabilized layer with uncanny performance.

Based on the characteristic properties of Tensar geogrids,
Tensar Technology is widely adopted for ground stabilisation
and soil reinforcement problems, delivering real savings in
cost and time. We can help you apply Tensar Technology to
improve the bottom line on your project.

A project may require only one geogrid application or it may
be necessary to devise solutions that involve a combination
of applications. There are six major subgrade stabilisation applications for geogrids. 

  • Reducing Layer Thickness - less aggregate 
  • Increasing Life - extend road service lifespan
  • Increasing Bearing Capacity
  • Controlling Differential Settlement
  • Capping Weak Deposits - sludge lagoons, waste deposits
  • Spanning Voids - span areas of soil erosion

Stabilization and Reinforcement with Roadbase Tensar Geogrid

Application of Triaxial Geogrid for Road
Paving Project

Tensar Triaxial Geogrid